Health Care Services

Health Care Services

DAMEN Pakistan’s health centers run on similar lines as its educational program, founded on the principle of empowering local women to develop their communities and bring about positive and sustainable social change. Our 15 Certified Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) not only provide medical treatment through their clinics and camps, they also conduct awareness campaigns on various health related issues such as family planning, maternal and child healthcare, and healthy lifestyle practices in all of our 5 focus districts. The LHVs have certain hours reserved each day where they check patients and provide medicines at a nominal cost of PKR 10 per patient.

Health Camps 

Health camps are regularly set up in Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, Okara and Nankana Sahib by mobilizing LHVs to reach out to a greater number of patients. These health camps provide diagnostic and medical services at a modest PKR 10 per patient contribution, and many of our LHVs do not even charge this amount. These camps are set up in various locations, such as DAMEN Pakistan’s area or field offices, home schools or the houses of female clients. A wide variety of diseases and medical conditions are treated at these camps such as fever, aches and pains, diarrhea, blood pressure, gynaecology and pregnancy related issues among others. In addition, awareness about family planning and contraceptives is also provided at these camps.

DAMEN Pakistan also organizes health camps in collaboration with doctors and medical specialists to cater to a wider variety of ailments related to eye care, dental treatment, bone health, diabetes and hepatitis. Philanthropists and/or doctors are encouraged to contact us if they wish to collaborate in this scheme.


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